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Are the questions social workers ask low-income families about their expenditure on things such as cable TV and cigarettes demeaning?

I don't think so because it usually involves handouts that come from taxpayers' money. This is part of accountability. But of course, social workers should be tactful.

Sean Lim

Been through means testing before, and at times, the questions do get personal, but I guess, it's fair... To get help, we have to show that we need only things that are necessary.

Siti Nor'aini A S

Yes, it's demeaning. They're people with needs too. It's as if poverty means that you're disqualified from all the privileges of life - a society should look more at the quality of life rather than "raw bone" survival.

Chen Xue Wen

How can home owners be encouraged to be more mindful of their household waste disposal?

Due to ignorance, the items in the blue recycle bins are mostly contaminated. The National Environment Agency should spend some money in promoting the dos and don'ts on all media channels, especially TV which is the main channel for the older folks.

Kwok Ying Ying

Just tax them on every kilo of waste generated. Install an automated scale on their rubbish chutes so that waste is weighed before going down.

Palani Velu

What features of our education system should be discarded as we prepare for a new future? What can be introduced to further help students?

Discard singling out students whether they have exceptional or poor results and promote teamwork and bonding among students. No one likes to be alone, not even being the top of the class when his classmates have average results.

Wei Jien Teng

Tackle elitism, scrap stressful PSLE, review the direct entry and through-train programmes, discard the "every school is a good school" propaganda, and reinstate free parking for teachers so they have more passion to teach and will not be so calculating.

Ah Kow Tan

Any "future" educators plan for is really a forecast... Such predictions, often based on the planners' preferences, do go wrong. I'd rather schools just focus on teaching the basics: reading, writing, and the ability to count. The rest will take care of itself.

Dicky Tan

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