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Should the minimum legal age for drinking be raised in Singapore?

By denying teens alcohol before they turn 20, we are leaving it to them to discover it for themselves. Most probably, they'll learn to drink at parties and unsupervised gatherings.

What we should do is show them how to drink responsibly, which is exactly what we want for them in the long run.

Gabriel Chia

Alcohol in Singapore is already considered expensive.

I think it is far-fetched to assume youth will turn to alcohol and drink till they get addicted.

If there is evidence that youth are totally out of control and the cause of much trouble every time they drink in public, then by all means, go ahead.

But before that, please just let our army boys or first-year uni students bond over that nice cold beer.

Adam Huang Ziwei

Are there too many announcements in MRT stations and on trains?

Yes, there are too many redundant announcements in stations and trains.

Some can be just left as reminder posters, such as for no eating or drinking and watching the platform gap.

In fact, SMRT should have announcements of destinations, which are more crucial.

Separately, when there are train delays or incidents, announcements should be made in the four official languages, instead of only English.

Sean Lim

Learn from the airport in limiting the number of announcements. Make announcements only when necessary.

Siah Jin Kim

If they don't make announcements, someone will complain "they never say" so "don't know".

Audi Khalid

Is there a place for virtual reality (VR) in classrooms?

A good teacher can replace technology, but technology can never provide what a good teacher can do.

Wouldn't it be better instead to improve pedagogical competency than invest in such knick-knacks? Already, the smartphone, long touted as the next education tool, is turning out to be the bane of teachers.

Dicky Tan

If  VR was used for only certain features, like conducting experiments or going on a virtual field trip, it could be an invaluable learning aid.

There can be multi-player features in VR where students can still interact when inside a virtual environment, and that would not compromise their social-interactive skills.

Liu INan

Why do you think Orchard Road has lost its spark? What could be done to rejuvenate the stretch?

Every mall along Orchard Road is the same as in the heartland! Same stores, same brands, same merchandise. You go to one mall and it's as good as having been to the others.

Dennis Teo

Face it, most stuff can be bought online or at heartland malls. Carpark charges are slightly cheaper outside Orchard. Food is cheaper elsewhere. And the roads and walkways in Orchard are jam-packed.

Chris Cho

Maybe Orchard Road could be more family-friendly. Instead of only shopping and eating, it could include more interactive events.

Karen Kwek

At the end of the day, consumers want to go home with good deals, shops want to end the day with good sales... all the "spark", activities are pointless if there's nothing to actually buy or sell.

Melvin Ch

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