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Commuters at City Hall MRT station.
Commuters at City Hall MRT station.PHOTO: ST FILE

Will rewarding those who catch litterbugs generate ill will in the community? Would such a system be effective in curbing littering?

Civic consciousness, like personal responsibility, cannot be monetised. It takes a culture to induce a litter-free nation, but the authorities have to make it easier by having more strategically placed litter bins which do not topple over.

I once reported a littering offence to the authorities and all they told me was that I had to go to court for them to prosecute the culprit.

Ken Koh

Public education about littering works only when people are obedient and willing to put what they're taught into action.

Otherwise, we have to do it the hard way.

Gabriel Tham

Has traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) proven itself to be reliable and effective?

TCM is good as a supplement to Western medicine.

Colin Loh

There is no hard fact or truth that TCM works well for everyone.

I know some who say the medicine prescribed for them by TCM clinics does not work for conditions such as a persistent cough; but others may find it works for their minor complaints.

As is the case for Western medicine, not everyone who takes the prescribed medicine is cured, and some may take a longer time to recover from an illness than others.

Peter Tan

How can retailers here effectively tackle shoplifting?

Shops could start by putting up multiple notices to remind patrons that they are constantly being watched while they are shopping.

Notices with arrows pointing to the locations of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras will prompt many to look in their direction when they read the notices.

With their faces being captured, do you think shop thieves will still proceed with their acts?

'eRic Choo

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