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What effect would easing restrictions on financing the purchase of short-lease older flats have? Would you consider buying such a flat?

A Housing Board flat is a home. It is not an investment tool for profit. Its value depreciates with the number of years left on its lease. Certainly all who bought them know this.

Francis Chong

If the flat's condition is good and if the mortgage works out to be as cheap as rentals, why not? It all boils down to affordability.

Edna Teo

Would standardised exams and notes for all schools make the Singapore education system fairer? Why do you think so?

And what should the difficulty level of the standardised exams be? By doing so, it will be even easier to differentiate between bad, good and elite students.

Jackson Lee

How can notes be standardised when there are students of different calibre? Students in the Integrated Programme have different learning processes than those in mainstream schools.


Having standardised tests will prepare kids better for national exams like the PSLE and O levels.

As long as the normal stream has its standardised tests and the foundation stream has its own standardised tests, then there won't be any issue of students having to play catch-up.

Petrina Pang

Should the re-employment age limit of 67 be removed? What are some pros and cons?

Many employers are reluctant to take seniors into their workforce for reasons such as the higher cost of medical insurance.

Kok Nong Foo

At 67 and above, the mind is still very agile. But the reality is that employers prefer foreign talent and younger employees. The Government's effort to get seniors and retirees back into the workforce doesn't synchronise with what employers actually practise.

Ane Tbg

If they continue to work, then jobs won't be freed up for young people.

Fongi Chen

The sad thing is that some are offered to continue but on a yearly contract basis, with pay and benefits cut.

If one is healthy and strong enough to work, let him continue without any cuts.

Siti Nor'aini A. S.

Are gender-neutral pre-schools a good idea or will they just confuse children?

No. As a pre-school teacher, I teach children they can like and play with any toys they're comfortable with. What I don't teach them is that boys and girls are not fundamentally different.

Joseph Yap

Schools shouldn't reinforce rigid and confining stereotypes. But policing kids' behaviour by forcing girls to "act rough" and boys to play with dolls is equally bad. Give kids the freedom to explore and be themselves.

Umm Yusof

In pre-schools, kids simply play like kids. Stop trying to over-complicate a child's life.

Joel Luo

The only thing that will confuse children are close-minded adults.

Dare Chia

Don't try to fix what's not broken.

William Suzuki

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