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A reader has suggested that Singapore look at increasing its presence at the Winter Olympics. Is the idea feasible?

Thumbs up and support!

However, winter sports training fees in Singapore are not cheap. For children to get to the competitive level, it can cost from $500 and above monthly.

Hopefully, primary schools will start speed skating and figure skating as a CCA soon.


Now that's interesting. I definitely would like to see Singapore with curling and figure skating.

Pamela Lim

First, Singapore is a humid country and does not have a winter season for training.

Second, unless athletes have good potential, it is costly for Singapore to send them for overseas training in countries with winter.

Third, our climate is a problem for the athletes to get accustomed to winter from humid Singapore.

We should know our strengths and weaknesses. We should accept that Singapore is in an equatorial zone and not situated in the west or north of Asia.

Sangha Vandana

Should private tuition be banned? What can schools do to reduce the reliance on tuition?

I think Singapore just needs to cut down the classroom size.

I went to a secondary school in Singapore and high school in America. I failed mathematics all through my years in Singapore because my class averaged about 38 students.

My classroom in America had fewer than 20 students and I never failed maths in the US.

Why? Because fewer students mean less noise and this enables the teacher to give students more one-on-one time.

The same thing with tuition; it's not about more hours, it's about more one-on-one time.

Not every student is the same. Some catch on faster while others need more help.

With the big classroom size, the teacher will not have time to give extra help to students who are falling behind.

Catherina Kessler-Hawkins

Totally disagree, unless teaching is in a small class and with good teachers. Most parents spend on tuition and on subjects their children are unable to cope with in school.

Ghim Ching Yeow

I think the school hours are sufficient. After-school hours can be spent on enrichment lessons such as music, dance, IT and swimming for those who have no problem academically.

For those who need help with certain academic subjects, tuition helps especially on a one-to-one or in a small group basis.

If you extend school hours, then all students will have no time to extend their learning.

You are therefore not allowing students to maximise their full potential.

Ong Jin Cheng

Children and parents have a choice whether they want tuition every day or not. But it is no longer their choice if school is full day.

Eunice Tan

I bet even if school hours are extended, many parents would still send their kids to tuition "just in case".

What should be done is to revise and reduce the education curriculum.

And the teachers' paperwork! Please reduce the paperwork so that teachers have more time to focus on teaching.

If they can focus properly, they'll teach properly and students can then learn better and as a result might not need too much extra tuition or remedial sessions.

Edalin Kahar

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