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Should the scheme of selling foods nearing their expiry dates at a lower price be expanded to more shops and supermarkets?

Yes, and I give my full support to such a scheme. So long as the food is still edible and in fairly good condition, why not? At present, some supermarkets are doing just that, where they have a small section for anything from vegetables, fruits to even various varieties of meat. And most of the time, they are just as fresh as those found on the shelves.

Peter Tan

Definitely. Food is not wasted in large amounts and consumers get great savings. It benefits both the environment and customers.

Marc Tang

Yes, absolutely, but the low price must be in accordance with expiry dates - that is, lower price as the product approaches expiry. Obviously, there should be an alert that consumption must be before that date.

Harry Chia

It is good thinking but it will not work, as it affects how the supermarkets earn their profits. If more people are willing to buy reduced price products knowing it will be there, the overall profit of the supermarket will fall.

Ken Loh

Should new leaders be made to do on-the-ground work before assuming the role?

I am now a director at an SME but I had to work my way up from a trainee executive over 15 years... I agree that new leaders should go for on-the-ground training. Only then will they know everything about the job.

Hannti MillenniumFalcon Tan

It does not matter. It is the results that matter.

Richard Tan

In Singapore, it is not only what you know that makes you qualify. It is who you know too.

Celine Gomez

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