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Should there be separate organisations for financial support and family issues, like violence and child neglect, so as not to discriminate against low-income families?

This is not about discrimination but helping those who really are in need of assistance. Rich or poor, some have their own problems, but the more serious and urgent ones usually are those in the lower-income group.

Peter Tan

No need to have so many separate agencies that confuse the public.

If bills cannot be paid due to no income, Government can always defer until there is a possibility of income to settle.

Edna Teo

Is having a shared Singaporean culture an unrealistic concept? Should we strive to have one?

It is not whether we should have one. Culture comes through the evolution of human experience.

For example, Singlish came about when the various races were trying to cope with the English language. A few words have now entered the dictionary.

LuCen Wang

The pure Singaporean culture of mixed races is beautiful because we ignore our differences in our languages and cultures. We believe we are one people.

Kula Sergaran

Difficult... same as putting different kind of animals in the farm.

But it's possible, if everybody practises good working ethic.

If you have to perform a task given to you, you have to work on it. Don't let gender, race and religion affect your performance.

Chua Kim

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