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Is there insufficient support for local athletes from businesses here? Will more sponsorships from firms boost the sports scene?

Before we talk about corporate sponsorship of sports, the various sports associations have to be run more professionally.

Terence Kenneth John Nunis

It is a sad truth that many companies are not keen to sponsor athletes unless they can break the Asian record for their events and are potential world-class athletes.

Peter Tan

Should the post of Singapore Parliament Speaker be a full-time one? Why or why not?

Ministers and MPs should not hold the directorship of any private companies. Once they enter politics, they have to resign.

Huey H Yap

It doesn't really matter as long as he is doing a good job - which Mr Tan Chuan-Jin is.

Sean Lim

We need to remove the part-time option and make the role of Speaker more important.

Wee Kiat Lee

We should limit the number of directorship posts that an MP can hold to just one per person so that he can focus his energy and time on constituency work.

Lim Hl

Unless Parliament is in session full time, that is, it is convened five days a week, every week, the role of Speaker can't be a full-time one.

Andrew Fann

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