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Can shared parenting work if parents are in conflict? How can the interests of children in a divorce be better protected?

It will work only if both parties refrain from brainwashing their kids with ideas of how "bad" and "nasty" the other is. Otherwise, the kids will be stuck between two fighting adults.

Wee Pei Gee

The decision of sharing custody should be taken only after a thorough consideration of all the reasons leading to the divorce, the problems each parent has with the other, and the child's will. The law must not make it compulsory for all parents to share the custody of children after divorce.

Andrew Singh

As second-hand and even third-hand smoke seem to cause much damage, should smoking be banned in Singapore?

If we are serious in our intention to reduce smoking-related diseases, the only way is to stop selling cigarettes.

Peter Tan

Education is the answer, not a ban. Teach students from primary school to college about the ill effects of smoking.

Aru Aru Armore

A better idea would be to build smoking huts for smokers, so that cigarette smoke will not hurt others so much.

Yen Ang

A ban will only see the rise of cigarettes being smuggled in, leading to other social problems.

Wayne Lim

Smoking is not the only cause of cancer. So by the same yardstick, we have to look at banning all cancer-causing agents in Singapore.

Joan Lim

Would cutting men's work hours help to boost Singapore's fertility rate?

Time is not the problem; it's money. The cost of raising a child is what deters people from having children.

Lim Kian Loong

No. More children means more money will be required. But, if we work less, we will be earning less.

WJ Chen

Cutting work hours might mean men will just continue to work after the official work hours. Business as usual.

Poh Wei Quan

If men work less, how will Singapore compete with other emerging economies that can do the same work cheaper?

Andrew Tan

Work hours should be reduced for all, for better work productivity and for having more time for one's children. It is easy to make babies, but to bring them up is a longer story.

LuCen Wang

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