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Should foreigners and permanent residents (PRs) studying in local schools be charged more than Singaporeans?

It is fair for PRs and Employment Pass holders to pay a higher price. However, the important thing is that every child has the ability to access schooling.

Means testing is a good option, as there are many PRs whose salaries are not super high and have made a commitment to Singapore.

I know many nurses and hospital staff who fit this profile, and a dramatic increase will make their lives difficult.

Jo MacDonald

Our local schools are funded by taxpayers. It's only fair that taxpayers and their children enjoy both priority in admission and lower fees.

That's the practice everywhere.

Charis Mun

Education should be free to all, regardless of one's citizenship.

Many countries in Europe offer free education to everybody.

Maggie Yap

Should volunteers be paid, or expect some compensation, for their work? Would doing so send the wrong message?

If volunteers are paid, then those who are looking only at personal gain will all flock to volunteer work.

We may end up with those who really want to help not being able to because the limited positions have already been taken up.

Chee Seng Yee

Let's not call it "payment", but tokens or reimbursement of expenses.

Payment is when the amount of money is given for a job done.

Volunteers do not expect to be paid, but some sort of reimbursement is much appreciated, especially by those who give from the heart but are not financially comfortable.

Tok Sock L ZeSox

Is boycotting the products of firms linked to the haze a knee-jerk reaction, or will it make a difference?

Boycotts are a good way to tell traders who want our business that we don't want to suffer from the haze while they profit from our purchases.

Loh Wai Poon

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