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Should an office of an Internet ombudsman be created to check facts and assess cases of fake news?

Great idea! But this ombudsman should include representatives from all Singapore media players, including the alternative media.

Andrew Fann

Fight fake news with facts, such as CPF balances, the need to increase minimum sum and cost of housing.

Khairul Iqram

Deliberate falsehoods, with ill intent, may be considered a crime. There is so much information flowing through the Internet which people read and share without verification. There is an overwhelming number of claims that we cannot possibly verify.

I think it will be ideal if we can have someone to run through all the communications.

LuCen Wang

Should ride-hailing app drivers be allowed to see the customer's destination before accepting the ride?

Why should destination and fare be a secret? If the driver wants to take, they accept. If not, they reject, simple as that. It's a free market economy so why should it be used as a tool to trap drivers?

Larry Tan

No, it is not fair because some drivers may find that the destination is not in their favour, like when he is about change shift for example. It can be annoying if drivers refuse to oblige the customer's request. That does not seem to serve the objective of a cab.

Peter Tan

Because Singapore is so small, I don't think any destination should be refused, but yes, as a driver, he should be allowed to know before accepting a job.

Luke Johnson

Do you think charging for parking in schools is fair? Will free parking lessen the burden on overworked teachers?

One has to look at the overall picture. No one should be above equality, when there is a need to charge every facility available.

Stephen FY Teng

It's a school after all, why charge so much for it? It's not as if some teachers park overnight because its free.

If teachers can do many other things beside teaching during/after school hours, some flexibility should be given to them.

Siti Nor'aini A S

This is very petty considering that there is no shortage of parking spaces in schools and army camps.

If there is shortage, I agree that we should resort to pricing. But there isn't any shortage.

Ah Soh

It doesn't make sense to charge. In the first place, the carparks are built for teachers and staff of the schools.

No revenue opportunity is lost as they are not available to the public anyway.

KJ Tan

If you want to be "fair", then exams, homework and lessons should be done at work from 8am to 5pm and classroom supplies are to be provided by the school or students, and teachers should get one-hour uninterrupted lunch break.

Daryl Chua

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