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Will putting specific operators in charge of different regions in Singapore curb the abuse of shared bikes? Why or why not?

Let shared bikes be divided among the specific operators in different regions of Singapore.

Each of these regions should have its own marshals to maintain and look after the bicycle bays and designated parking shelters.

Roving marshals of the specific regions can check for misuse of bicycles. All regions are, of course, to come under a main body.

Sharing bikes is an innovative development which must not be suspended. The system of sharing should be more organised, with education and cultivation of the right etiquette.

Chrissam Ng

Manage the shared bikes using the vehicle population control formula of bidding for a certificate of entitlement for every bike going onto the road. As for the parking issue, use the proven "parking auntie" formula from the Urban Redevelopment Authority and Housing Board. In no time, the problem will be fixed. Bike owners, shared-bike companies as well as riders will be responsible for any parking issues.

Boon Kiat Tay

Stop wasting public resources, government resources and taxpayers' money just to help bike-sharing companies fix their problems.

Jeffrey Low

Should all university students be made to participate in overseas stints as a graduation requirement? What are the pros and cons of doing so?

While an overseas stint helps broaden the mind, it should not be made a requirement.

Does the financial assistance provided by the Singapore Management University cover basic costs like for transport, purchase of suitable attire for different climates, extra money for phone or Internet plans and airport departure tax?

Margaret Lee

Not all overseas stints are "financially draining". For example, doing some internships in certain industries can be quite lucrative (even accounting for airfare and accommodation). If a student manages to get an internship based on his skills, then well done!

Keegan Kang

Travel and meeting others in a different environment is an education in itself, so yes!

Peter Martin

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