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Does Singapore need more bicycle parking spaces than what has been planned? Why or why not?

There have been bike spaces that are vacant but shared bikes were dumped a few meters away from it all because the users are too lazy to walk those few meters. Will more lots solve the problem? Definitely not.

Steven Tor P H

Way too many bikes out there for a start. I think if there are too many bikes to fit in allotted parking spaces, the surplus bikes should be taken off the streets. It's an absolute eyesore to see bikes thrown everywhere.

Jay Millard

Why can't the Government just limit the number of shared bicycles in the market? How big is our land to cater for this kind of parking?

Jarol Lo

Why should HDB, URA and the public sector find space for bicycle parking spaces at commercial and residential expense? Don't they need to pay rent, parking fees, ERP, road tax for using them?

They are utilising the same resources as the cars and motorbikes. Why do we have to pay for them when the space can be better used for residential and commercial purposes?

Tay Yu Wee Devan

Will more households be encouraged to recycle if charges are introduced for non-recyclable waste? What other moves might spur people to recycle?

Why does our Government always end up with either a fine or some kind of cost to us when they try to implement something? Shouldn't we look at how we can educate the younger generation?

Myss MellyMew

Why are we cracking our brains over something Europe already has had in place for years? The German Pfand system is simple - you pay a deposit for every recyclable you buy, and then when you take it back for recycling, you get a coupon equal to that value to spend at that chain that you bring your recyclables back to.

Benjamin Chia

Some folks are so anti-social that charging for non-recyclables will just result in illegal street-side dumping, with the resultant risks to health and safety.

Even the recycling bins in my estate are filled with non-recyclable bulky items like furniture.

Umm Yusof

Is there a proper system of recycling in place? If not, then don't talk about charging to tackle the problem, because the ones affected will be the poor and elderly people staying alone. The rich will not bother about the charges.

Allan Tan

Instead of introducing charges, why not introduce incentives? Like for every 1kg of paper/glass recycled, you get some discount on your utility bill. Something along that line.

Sean Lim

Give us feedback on where these recycled goods are going. Provide positive reinforcements and incentives. For example, blood donors in Sweden get text messages when their donated blood is used to save a life.

Travis Lin

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