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Should stay-at-home mothers qualify for more tax reliefs?

The benefit of reduced tax in this case is accrued to the spouse and not the stay-at-home mother; so I am not sure how giving more spouse relief recognises the effort of such mums, unless the spouse transfers the savings to her.

Faustina Chay

If the Government gives more relief to stay-at-home mothers, it will have to raise the prices of other things, such as the goods and services tax, to offset the extra spending.

Eugene Ng

Yes, please give stay-at-home mums like myself tax relief through our working spouses. It'll really help with finances, as things are getting more expensive.

Carol Lim

Being a stay-at-home mum is a personal choice. Why should others have to pay so that such mothers can take care of their families? I am a working mum. I contribute to the economy, pay my fair share of taxes and take care of my family, making sacrifices along the way. It is people like myself who need more help.

Margaret Chong

Will converting old high-rise blocks into hostels meet the demand for cheap lodging for travellers in Singapore?

Instead of converting these blocks to hostels, why not lease them to our fellow Singaporeans who are waiting for their Build-To-Order flats or needy families?

Ay Ay

It is a good idea, if these flats are used in full compliance with regulations. It will be better than the current situation where condos are leased out for short-term stays in violation of rules.

Au Kah Kay

Visitors on short-term stays can already stay in budget hotels.

James Wang

Should the law get tougher on landed home owners who reserve parking spaces on roads with items like rubbish bins?

Should we also introduce a law to remove all the potted plants, shoe cabinets and bicycles placed along the corridors of Housing Board units? The corridor is public property too, and HDB dwellers don't have exclusive rights to the corridor outside their property.

Chee Chua

The solution could be as simple as the URA implementing marked parking spaces that are open to all. Residents should not be able to reserve them, as that will only take the issue back to square one.

Kane Tan

Just issue warnings to the residents, telling them that rubbish bins or other objects are not allowed to be placed on the road. If they fail to do so, they must be fined and the bins taken away.

Choon Hooi Ng

Can't the URA demarcate parts of the road as parking spaces? URA can label these spaces as "reserved all day", including weekends. Landed home owners can buy these spaces and use them without causing any conflict.

Rosie Tann

Would patients benefit if the responsibility of dispensing medicine in clinics shifts to pharmacists?

Yes, for dispensing medicines for simple ailments like flu, cold, or sniffles, the pharmacists can do the job instead of patients having to see the doctors.

Harry Chia

It would be a huge mistake as patients would have to depend on pharmacists' schedules. It would also mean another stop or queue after seeing the doctor.

Agnes Meurzec

It is possible, but a proper system will be needed to track patients, their ailments and the medicines given.

Ismail Tan

Even if outsourced to pharmacists, patients still need their doctors to write a prescription and that is not free. Second, patients may have to go to various pharmacies for the medicines as all may not stock the same drugs. Third, if doctors can't sell medicines, then they might have to increase their consultation fees because of the lack of economies of scales. The cons outweigh the pros.

Andrew Singh

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