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Is too little being done to raise the fertility rate? Should more be done?

It is not the fertility rate. It is the cost of raising a child now... You think a family can pay money through both parents working? And if that is so, they interact less with their children. This is the issue.

Kger Liang

The fertility issue has not been getting its rightful top priority status for far too long. The West has shown that the only way to reverse the decline is by throwing serious money to tackle the problem. Children are the future of the country. What's the point of trillions in savings when Singaporeans are dying off without replacements?

Ken Toh

Should the PSLE be abolished? Do you agree that it acts as a social lever in that it offers less fortunate kids a chance to get into an "elite" secondary school?

PSLE should be abolished and so should the concept and the term "elite". It is all nonsense. Education should be equal and accessible to everyone.

Sandhya Sriram

There will be competition at every level for admission into the best institutions. Top PSLE students will get into top secondary schools. Top O-level students will get into top JCs. Top A-level students will get into top universities locally or overseas. There is no running away from the long-established meritocratic system where the best opportunities will be open to the best students regardless of socio-economic status.

Au Kah Kay

I personally think when the child is in P6, it is necessary to have an exam but just ONE exam (instead of the current two exams). Maybe rename PSLE to SPA - Secondary Preparation Assessment - which will play down the current PSLE stress situation of parents and children. Based on results and individual child's ability and unique talent, the MOE system will auto-recommend to parents which school their child should go to in order to realise their full potential (be it academic, music, sports, arts).

Beth Lim

It is not the PSLE system that is at fault. It is the way we stream the students based on their PSLE grade. Normal (Technical), Normal (Academic)... The PSLE allows poor students at neighbourhood schools a chance to study at top schools and move up the social ladder.

Lisa Loh

A writer suggests that having facilities like archives reading rooms in heartland libraries might encourage more awareness of Singapore's history. What other measures will interest people in learning more about our history?

The reading room will attract only serious-minded people. To make Singaporeans more mindful of our history, get Mediacorp Channel 8 to do a drama series on it.

Harry Chia

Why should we need a physical reading room to read our history? We should be digitising our archives so that anybody can access our history anywhere, any time.

Cheah Kok Keong

Put up videos on social media. Most people are stuck on their phones on their way to work, schools.

Sharon Pek

Another idea is to live telecast parliamentary debates and this will definitely make people engage in politics.

Stacy Teo

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