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Should there be parental consent for teens under 18 to undergo abortions?

We must stop supporting parental involvement as if they have any kind of positive effect on the choices of girls... Instead of setting up more barriers for young people to access reproductive health services, we need to work on making information about safer sex, birth control and abortion readily available to them. We need to find ways to provide support for young people as they make decisions that will affect the rest of their lives.

Andrew Singh

What if the parent/stepfather/uncle was the one who raped the teen and caused the pregnancy? You want to pass a law like this, think through the consequences for the teenager. Should the teen be forced to tell the other parent what is going on? Should the perpetrator parent have this kind of power over the teen?

Adrian Wee

This scenario assumes the teenager wants the abortion, but her parents do not. What if the parents insist on the abortion against the girl's wishes?

Then who has the final say?

Umm Yusof

How can PMDs be better regulated, given the wide differences between users?

It should have a cap on its top speed and anyone caught illegally modifying to achieve a higher speed should be severely punished. I once had a rider tailing me into the KPE tunnel. If the e-scooter caused an accident , who gets handcuffed first?

Tai Teck See

I think the Government should seriously look into building separate roads for PMDs. And as much as accidents are never pleasant, PMDs are a more eco-friendly alternative to cars/motorbikes. As a country, we should be moving towards transportation that emits less pollution - while at the same time, keep our pedestrians safe by leaving them their paths.

Tammy Khoong

Only allow users to own one after going through a course about road safety rules and passing a series of tests to get riding licenses. Restrict the type of vehicles or brands allowed for sale on the market and put heavy fines on those who modify their vehicles, such as changing the speeds, installing alarms that can be confused with emergency sirens or lights that can cause confusion to other road users.

Xin Lin

Should legal documents be drafted in plain English? What are some pros and cons of doing so?

Yes it should. As plain as possible so there are no legal loopholes due to language and interpretation issues.

Vincent Teo

The question is whether plain English is good enough to convey clearly the intent. Often, lawyers argue over the grey areas despite the best efforts in making legal documents clear.

Jechelon Chris

Pros: Everybody can understand. Cons: Easily misunderstood or misrepresented due to words not being specific enough.

John Darksabre

It is good to use plain English but there are concepts long defined in legalese and it would be more confusing, never mind lengthy, to translate that into plain English.

Liu INan

Plain English is very ambiguous.

Richard Tan

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