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Should health insurance companies give policyholders no-claim discounts, like in motor insurance?

Unlike motor insurance where the majority of motorists will not make any claim against their own motor insurance, the risk of claiming against health insurance increases with age. Medical claims are inevitable and therefore the concept of no-claims discounts cannot apply.

Au Kah Kay

Yes excellent idea. It's an incentive to keep healthy and refrain from being hospitalised without solid justification. Discounts should be attractive enough. Health providers should give this serious consideration. MOH should too.

Harry Chia

Yes, they should consider this instead of penalising those who have not made claims on their riders. Reason why riders are sold to policyholders is for the "what if" needs. The insurance companies should be held liable for not planning properly and anticipating what could happen.

Margaret Lee

Insurance companies should penalise the black sheep instead, making them pay more for their premium . Why implicate others when they don't even claim?

Simon Lam

Do you agree with the suggestion to conscript women into full-time NS? What impact would doing so have on Singapore society?

I have a daughter and I think it is good for her to do a short stint in NS. NS instils discipline, punctuality and teamwork. It also teaches them to wash their own clothes and pick up after themselves. All these values will help them when they go out to work later.

Susan Khoo

Everyone has to play a part and defend the country. In my opinion, women should serve the nation, as the guys are required to do. As for vocation, I'm thinking of support roles, for example nursing and back-end support.

Ben Liew

Right now, if technology is sufficient, I don't see why we should sacrifice our economic development and another chunk of our workforce to do NS.

Weiming Goh

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