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Is caning an effective way to deter bullying in schools? What other measures can be taken?

Cane them in front of the whole school and this should send a strong signal that bullying is unacceptable. If they have the guts to bully others, I don't see why they can't be caned in front of the whole school.

Michael Tab

Bring back caning and forget about mollycoddling bullies. What happened to all the discipline masters in schools? We used to be terrified of that one person; one look was enough to keep us in line.

Agnes Ang

Tag the bullies' legs so that they will feel the shame of their schoolmates looking at them, make them do 40 hours of community work, and restrict their movements so they are home before 8pm daily.

Ridhuan Suleiman

My son used to throw biscuits all over the canteen when he was in student care... They called me up and I told them to make my son wipe all the tables and sweep the entire canteen for a week. He learnt his lesson. Give them hard lessons and stop treating the children like babies. We are raising them to be adults.

Janice Lim

I don't agree with corporal punishment for children for any reason. There are many other options available.

Barry Smyth

Should sex education be introduced earlier in schools? Will this help protect minors from sexual abuse?

Try introducing the basics first, to those as young as pre-schoolers - right and wrong way of touching, differences between boys and girls, the boundaries and how to react when people try to lure you or start crossing the line.

Sandra Lee

It should be done by the parents. My mum taught my sister and me when we were little that no one can touch us, no matter how close they are to the family.

Gwendolyn Jansen-Kuo

Rather than just focusing on how to ward off advances, education on respecting consent and what consent entails should be covered too. That's the main issue when it comes to sexual assault, isn't it? We need sex ed that will foster respect between the two genders.

Mabel Ng

School teachers should be trained to have a chat with the children every year-end just to find out if anything is amiss. Best not to leave it to chance to find out that the child is suffering.

Michelle Tan

What's disturbing are the increasing calls for schools to assume the responsibilities that once belonged to parents, such as sex and relationship education, money management and ethics.

Have we given up hope of parents actually raising their children?

Umm Yusof

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