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Should we rethink office fashion in Singapore to suit our hot climate?

I think professional dress code is still necessary. Singaporeans are very shabby compared with people in other countries.

Linda Lim

If so, you might as well work from home. An office is not like your SOHO (small office/home office). Have some decorum and respect.

Andrew Singh

At many companies over at Fusionopolis, the staff wear bermudas to work. But most of the time, it is the staff themselves who are vainpots and want to sashay during work.

Marcus Shawn

It depends on the job. But still, some companies have dress codes that do not make sense - shirt and formal pants even when doing on-site work.

Chris Cho

What are some instances that you have observed that show the Government has been frugal with its spending? In what ways can the Government lower expenses?

Functionality should come first for all government buildings instead of aesthetics, which increases the cost of maintenance too.

Desmen Low

Ministers' salaries should be reduced to about what their European and US counterparts receive... Public service is a calling to serve. We should not tie salary to commercial benchmarks.

Clarence Paul Lim

Some of the MPs spend their allocated funds on "improving neighbourhoods" which are unnecessarily wasteful - like rebuilding usable playgrounds, installing lifts in an old carpark. Yes, by themselves, each are "small" expenses - but put them together, they become a mountain.

Cga Rat

Government should not impose GST on daily necessities. Australia has very good policy on this. Singapore Government needs to learn.

Alan Ng

There needs to be more transparency on expenses and operating efficiency of all government departments... Certain projects should be self-funded just like how private companies manage.

Jene Lim Shujun

I think it's the policy of keeping 50 per cent reserves that should be lowered. We all understand that we need reserves for the future. But how much is ever enough if we keep on accumulating our reserves? At what point do we stop and say, we have enough reserves?

Senthil Alagappan

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