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How should we measure productivity for older workers? What can be done to maximise their potential?

Productivity for older workers cannot be measured using the traditional guidelines.

I think quality of work should be a very good indicator of productivity.

- Loh Wai Poon

I am sure we can gain some experience from 65-year-olds...

Part-time jobs may be a good balance - some relaxing time and extra income.

- Lee Lai Lai Amy

Should MRT stations be void of shops selling food and drinks? Why or why not?

These shops are the reason that MRT fares are largely still below $2. If anything, MRT stations should rent out more space for income to ease commuters' fares.

- Ivan Lau

Selling food and drinks at MRT stations just encourages people to eat and drink on railway premises, and that is as good as removing the regulation prohibiting the consumption of food or drinks.

- Lim Qing Fu

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