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Does the public need more facts and figures on ElderShield? What kind of information is lacking?

The thing with ElderShield, MediShield and Medisave is, we don't think much about them until the time comes for us to claim them.

Siti Nor'aini A. S.

More information on coverage and claims please. And more details on the dos and hows.

Saw Patricia

Are the lifetime premiums going to be the same? That is, is it truly a case of spreading it out over a longer duration? It will be so only if the total premium paid over 35 years remains the same as that you would have paid over 25 years.

Faustina Chay

Claims history and data. How much has been collected in premiums vis-a-vis payouts under ElderShield? If there are excesses in premiums collection, what is the Central Provident Fund Board going to do about these funds? Reduce premiums charged?

Alan Lim

Why do elderly pedestrians continue to jaywalk, given that it is all the more dangerous for them?

When you've reduced capacity, you want to conserve energy, so you look for ways to not expend that energy unnecessarily. We all take shortcuts, not just the elderly.

More zebra crossings must be built. Add more speed bumps to slow vehicles down. Also, make the pedestrian crossing time much longer.

Christina Teh

Many elderly have problems climbing up stairs at overhead bridges. You see them hobbling everywhere. It's good if escalators or lifts are installed at all overhead bridges.

Rosalind Lee

Self-entitlement. When they were young, strong and in their prime, they didn't have to respect traffic rules in the 60s and 70s. They certainly won't now, in their old age.

Jarel Seeh

It's fine as long as these jaywalkers don't dash across roads at the last minute, as there will be no reaction time for drivers. Let's all share the roads together. It's about give and take.

Philip Lim

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