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Are there too many social service organisations providing duplicate services? Should they consolidate and work together?

If these social service organisations combine forces, they would have to follow rules and have independent audits done if their income exceeds a certain amount. This means less money to spend on those who need assistance.

Margaret Lee

Many nursing homes are privately owned and each has its own vision and objective. If the directors cannot see eye to eye, how can we expect them to merge?

Peter Tan

The duplication can also mean that (the available) social services are not enough to cover the size of the problems.

Mark Leong

Please do some consolidation so that the public can contribute with peace of mind.

Magdalene Ding

Should top schools do away with the single cut-off point admission criterion to enable a more diverse student population?

Stop giving bonus points based on alumni affiliations, then, everyone can compete on equal footing.

Kuan Tek Seang

Grit, persistence, passion and resilience are very difficult to measure objectively.

Someone can be very passionate about a particular course, but should he be given a place when he could be struggling to pass and not make the mark?

Au Kah Kay

After visiting several junior colleges for their open house, I would say, let it be. I'm rather appalled to find that those in single cut-off point JCs are atrocious in communication skills, poor in presentation and totally unkempt. They are basically book-smart.

Rita SP Gan

Most top schools have only one stream: Express or Special. Why not add Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) streams to the top schools? Or reserve, say, 10 per cent of the places to a lottery for those who fail to enter by, let's say, up to 10 points lower than the cut-off point?

Loh Wai Poon

What other programmes can be implemented to boost family ties? Should participation in these be made compulsory?

Lower cost of living means less hectic work schedule, resulting in more family time. Naysayers will say it's a very simplistic delusion. But, many times, the direct answer is simply right.

Lum Ping Guan

To promote family ties, the Government must take the lead by really slowing down.

Singapore does not have to be the best in the world for every material thing.

Why not compete in the areas of happiness, low stress level, graciousness and other soft skills that is fundamental to success?

David Moses Heng

Families are more adaptive when they see the positive in stressful situations. Begin a family-night discussion by stating that, while there are trials and tribulations in life, we are not to be overcome by them. It helps if we adopt a positive view of life's circumstances.

Andrew Singh

Should the ethnic quota policy apply to private housing too?

It will be good if can be done! Certain estates have become like a village of people from a certain country.

Lisa Loh

The real question is how relevant an ethnic quota is today. Do we still need to be handheld to ensure we interact with other races?

Dean Sofiah

If people can afford private residential accommodation, who's to say who can't and can?

James Fernandis

Singapore is now home to many foreigners and first-generation citizens who do not understand or appreciate the historical context of this policy. The ethnic demography is now so diverse and different from our historical Chinese, Malay, Indian and Others categories, that even if this is implemented, the outcome will be different.

Wee Jin Tan

Can people of a certain ethnic group afford private housing? Certainly some can, but that percentage is very low. Having an ethnic quota for private housing doesn't take into account reasons why there isn't much diversity in terms of private housing in the first place.

Muhd Redha

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