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Is the scourge of fake news unstoppable? How has this phenomenon affected you personally?

Sadly, there's no easy fix. Tweaking algorithms - something Facebook and Google are trying to do - can help, but the real solution must come from the news consumers. They need to be more sceptical and better equipped to rate the quality of information that they encounter.

Andrew Singh

With several social media sites, it is not possible to stop fake news from circulating. It is up to the readers to discern and verify, check with reliable news agencies and delete the story or not forward it if it is unreliable or dubious. That is what I would do and have done.

Harry Chia

Escalating rents are often cited as the root of the high cost of living in Singapore. Should the Government introduce rent-control to tackle this? Will it help?

Land bidding is one of the biggest issues to ultimate living cost in the long term. This must first be controlled in order for any and every cost to be lower.

Alvin Chong

Rent control has never worked in any city... It also creates the potential for indirect payments using various tactics.

Increasing supply and decentralising ownership will allow the market to naturally find a lower price ("price discovery").

Travis Lin

Rent does not solely escalate cost of living. Every item that involves higher cost contributes to higher cost of living. The Government should put top priority on containing higher cost.

Sim Tony

Why are some bosses quick to dismiss those who call in sick as not genuinely incapacitated by their illness? How do you feel about co-workers reporting for duty even though they have valid medical certificates?

This is what will happen when bosses are focused only on their results and do not care about the welfare of their staff. Can we really blame those bosses? Not really. But are they right? No! Bosses need to be educated that having sick staff in the office can and will only be counter-productive.

Steven Goh Robo It's been proven time and time again that workplaces lose money and productivity due to people coming to work sick and inevitably making others sick. We really need to overhaul the mindset that those who don't take MC are better, more loyal.

Sharlynn Ng

While I can understand why some co-workers come to work despite being ill, I always encourage them to go back and rest, and offer to cover for them where possible. Of course, there are those who abuse the system, but we should never discount everyone because of a few black sheep.

Calvin He Lu Ong

Have a "peer-monitored honour system" of sick leave where taking a day off isn't an issue and official medical leave is needed only for absence of more than one day. This may nurture a more responsible work culture in the matter of sick leave.

Kong Mun Chung

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