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Should schools hold CCAs with other schools? Is this a good way to foster interaction between students of different backgrounds?

Good idea, but logistics will make this hard to implement. Unless the venue is really near, you have to hire buses.

Patricia Rozario

Some uniformed groups already do this. There were and still are many programmes run by Red Cross Youth headquarters that allow cadets from elite and neighbourhood schools to mix together and bond...

The Unit Leaders programme is one of those courses. I met many people and made good friends with those from both ends of the school spectrum.

Sim Jia Xian

We have zone camps and events every year and they help bond the schoolchildren - elite schools mixing with neighbourhood schools - and I must say it is good exposure for the kids.

Brandon Koh

Not sure this addresses the root causes. It may make things even more uncomfortable, especially if school cultures are different. But shared events like camps, team-building activities and sports meets are fine.

Hor Sher Li

This problem of class divisions does not just happen between schools. Even within a school, the problem exists... So let us solve intra-school class divisions first, before getting our ambitions higher to do it inter-school.

Sean Lim

Do you agree that firms should be more transparent about salaries to combat income inequality?

I agree. Women will be shocked to discover that men also don't make the same salaries as other men!

Eric Luah

Not a bad idea, otherwise you will find your staff gossiping among themselves about salaries. Increased openness about pay could improve fairness. Transparency serves the economy by encouraging young workers to develop skills that are in short supply, provided they know how much they can expect to earn.

Andrew Singh

No. It is a contractual agreement between employee and employer. Why compare?

KM Chia

Not actual salary because this will lead to disgruntled staff. Perhaps a salary band is best for each level of job classification.

Harry Chia

But there will be consequences, such as increasing labour costs and employees resigning due to unfair salary payouts, and it may cause political problems within the workplace.

Ultimately, it is part of the organisation's culture.

Bryan Ng

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