On Facebook

Can schools do more to help underprivileged students?

If so, how?

Kindergarten education should be made compulsory so as to provide early intervention.

Anne Wong

Assign a mentor to each student. This group of youth have more to overcome, compared with those from normal backgrounds.

Grace Ng

Can complaints be turned into something constructive for society? How can this be achieved?

Definitely. Constructive complaints require you to make an effort to build your case and, in some cases, require discussions among netizens before submitting reports to the channels for consideration.

Han Zhi Hao

There are three kinds of complaints.

One from the heart, another from the mind and the one that is shot from the mouth.

Take the one from the heart and turn things around.

As for the other two, trash them.

Ken Koh

Reviewing and categorising complaints or feedback help to identify our weaknesses and strengths, so that we can take corrective and preventive actions, and strive for continual improvement and efficiency.

Jen Ong

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