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Is a petrol-price comparison portal for motorists a good idea? Would it help in our car-lite push?

It is without doubt a good idea but I still think there is a cartel at work. Let us wait for the portal. I also think the Government (Ministry of Trade and Industry) should step in before it gets out of hand.

Sim Tony

I don't think the portal works... as the price is the same across the companies.

Fahmi Gaw Gaw

There is brand loyalty due to the geographical locations of our workplace or home.

Lin Jintang

Should people with more than one car be penalised? Would that lead to a fairer allocation of COEs?

The Government should impose more tax to own more than one car. Like the Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty for multiple properties. Why can't this be applied to cars?

Lee Kiat Chin

Families who own more than one car are already paying more taxes in the form of COE and road tax... Families with more than one car have done no wrong. Why should those who have done well under our meritocratic system be penalised simply to appease those who are not doing as well?

Au Kah Kay

People who are rich enough to own three to four cars do not care about COE prices. Even if you increase COE to double its rate, they will be able to afford it. What the Government will be doing is removing the ability of the poorer class from scraping enough together to get just one.

Kelvin Chew

Actually, we should just do without COE, marking up car prices and so on. Make usage expensive, and not ownership. In some countries, families own multiple cars, but still take public transport to work because it costs a bomb to use the car.

Justina Ee-Leong

We should penalise those COE-hogging cars. Those who use their car for fewer than 180 days a year should pay more.

Alexander Cheong

Will educating juveniles help lower the risk of them re-offending? What else can be done to rehabilitate them?

The parents should be educated together with the juvenile offender... Many are from broken homes or families involving parents who may be single, in jail, drug takers, working long hours... In order for the problem to be tackled, first, you must know the problem.

Peter Tan

Schools should work with volunteers who are able to be their mentors. These mentors can create and build relationships and understand them better... The mentors should also provide guidance after they graduate.

Jane Bernice Lim

It is not that simple... schools and even the police will not be able to do anything, as the law allows them to do all kinds of evil before the age of 18, with at most a "holiday camp" in the hostel where the bad company mingle together... Just spend a morning near the boys home and observe them, and you will understand.

Desmen Low

Get the family involved. It is important that they have family ties. Get them to see the punishment meted out to convicted adults. Get them involved in social or spiritual activities. Keep them busy. It is important that they stay away from the senior hardcore criminals who will induce them to take part in crime again.

Adam Yong

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