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Are our MRT stations and trains too noisy? Should the number of announcements made be cut?

Yes, cut it down! Just give us the name of the train stations. Enough about minding the gap, holding on to handrails, and suspicious articles. Better to just play these messages silently on video screens instead.

Patricia Rozario

Don't cut down the announcements; these are for the visually impaired people. Voice information is important to them.

Leong Hon Kit

Keep the major important announcements, especially those regarding suspicious articles, train gap and station names. Change the quality of some announcements instead. Emphasise more on the important things that can allow passengers to avoid confusion, especially at interchanges.

Phua Teng Wei

Announcements are very important for tourists. You appreciate such announcements only when you go on a holiday out of Singapore and take the local metro.

William Goh

A writer says V. Sundram Moorthy is not suited for the high-profile role of national coach. Do you agree? Why and why not?

Give the man credit for LionsXII achievements. But the national team seems to be too big a shoe for him to fill. The hard truth is that when players and team don't get the results, the coach can't escape the blame.

Lawrence At Work

It is not Sundram or Fandi Ahmad. It is the Football Association of Singapore. The management is all hollow. No passion for the game.

Bert Fern

It's about the players' mentality or pride to play for the national team that matters. The players' mentality of "style, want; lose, never mind" will never take our country's football status to the next level.

Ryan Pat

What can we do to support those who are suffering silently? How can we encourage them to seek help?

Trouble is, it is hard to help if the sufferer stays silent... It's easy to say go for counselling, tell friends and so on. But the process is tough. So the strength is in finding your own way out, which is sometimes more difficult, but at least less socially stressful.

Anna Christian Pinkerton

The first important step for these silent sufferers is not to remain silent... They should speak up honestly to someone they feel can be trusted or are close enough to, and who they believe is able to give advice or assistance.

Peter Tan

Approach them and build rapport with them.

Siah Jin Kim

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