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Can palliative care thrive even as euthanasia is allowed?

Palliative care and euthanasia do not go side by side... How do you classify things like dying with dignity? Is dignity the same to patients and their caregivers? Who are you to know if a person is suffering or not? What if that person wants to live even when he is suffering?

Grace Ho Lim

Euthanasia corrupts the ethos of care in medicine. Nurses and social workers in Belgium have been known to leave palliative care units because of euthanasia, as they feel they can no longer practice genuine palliative care. This is not care that is "thriving".

Michael Cyssel Wee

Theoretical safeguards will melt away once euthanasia is legal. Holland has euthanised people with autism and depression . What's to stop states or families from cutting costs by encouraging people to end their lives early?

Umm Yusof

Everyone should have a right to decide his death if he is in a terminal stage and is suffering. If the quality of life has become unbearable and with no hope of improvement, then with the doctors' approval and help, the person should be allowed to end his life with dignity.

Agnes Meurzec

The right to live must be accompanied by the right to die with dignity, alongside the chance to properly say goodbye to your loved ones... Life is not just about the length but also the quality of it.

Jun Cai

It should be allowed if the doctor confirms that the person really cannot make it through... We all have seen loved ones at the end of their life. They are "waiting to die", and just being injected with more morphine to ease the pain. It is so sad and painful to watch.

Gwendolyn Jansen-Kuo

Is investing in equities less risky than investing in cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies may seem to have good returns at this moment but could turn to nothing at the next moment if rules are changed. Learn to live with the little or the plenty we have and be content.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

You snooze, you lose. Those who do not move with the times get left behind... It is the same with every new method of commerce. Do your research and get on it when the opportunity arrives.

Aleph Au

All investments have risks and are unpredictable... If you have spare cash, you can invest, but you must do your own research before investing. Don't just listen to what investors say.

Edwaard Tan

Should young estates be prohibited from selling en bloc?

There are many installations in a condo development that wear out after 15 or 20 years... Tearing down the whole building, if financially profitable, is better than paying higher maintenance and sinking fund fees. For families who moved in 20 years ago, the children may be ready for marriage and to move out soon anyway.

Lee LK

For private properties, it is a free market... Owners pay full unsubsidised market prices and do not receive grants from the Government. They can sell en bloc whenever they like as long as 80 per cent of residents agree.

Sangha Vandana

It very much depends on the GFA (gross floor area) of the estate. If there is no room for growth, why would a developer want to buy the property? It's not about the young or the old; it is about money.

Bryan Ang

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