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Is enough being done to ensure condo estates are prepared for a terror attack?

Security guards have to complete a basic counter-terrorism course by Jan 1, 2020. Condo guards should all have the basic level of training by then.

Elliot Jhuen Weng Goon

No one is really prepared for a terror attack. Remember the drill: Run and if you're still alive, hide, then tell.

Celine Tan

No. Housing, retail spaces and businesses have not even begun to properly prepare and train for a terror attack.

Although a condo could be a target, areas such as the major interchanges, airport and large malls are more of a prime target.

There are many things that can and need to be done to harden security without our country looking like a penitentiary.

And of course the largest factor missing is the intelligence community.

Singapore lacks not only a trained and robust intelligence community, but the technology to properly gather and interpret the data necessary to prevent these threats as well.

Tony Serio

Would having more pro-children policies and benefits encourage Singaporeans to have more children?

Pro-children policies won't discourage people from having children, but it won't encourage either. Having children is no longer about practicality.

What we seem to be doing is "activating" people to have children - have kids, get money, get rebates, do a national duty.

People will have children for their own reasons, not the Government's.

The Strategy Group in the Prime Minister's Office ought to engage a good storyteller and start motivating Singaporeans to have children. Until the PMO knows how to creatively sell the idea of "family" to Singaporeans, the trajectory of our fertility rate will continue downwards.

It is the fact and phenomenon of all developed nations, Singapore will be no different - regardless of policies and benefits.

Celine Tan

Frankly, no amount of incentives can motivate couples to have children.

In Singapore, life is tough enough just earning and trying to keep our heads afloat.

The Singapore environment is too demanding and expectations are also high.

Sim Tony

If couples want to have kids, they will. If not, no amount of incentives will help.

Having kids is not about incentives. It's about whether a couple is ready to raise one.

It is about sleepless nights, loss of freedom, diapers, expensive visits to the doctor, injections, education, stress and long working hours.

Lai Yin Lee

Do you agree that caregivers should be given an allowance?

If the caregiver is a family member, then it is a noble responsibility. If he is not, some kind of compensation should be given.

Harry Chia

They need a break occasionally to recharge because its very draining physically, mentally, spiritually and financially as well, especially if they are looking after their own family members.

Kris Chee

There is potential for abuse of the caregiver allowance.

Au Kah Kay

Caregivers should be given subsidies on diapers, medical equipment and transport instead of physical cash.

Ann Lee

Caregivers have been described as "hidden patients".

Family physicians should identify their patients who are caregivers through a detailed family and social history.

Caregivers should be assessed for the level of their perceived burden and for the presence of affective disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

In addition, family physicians should assist caregivers with coping strategies and counsel them about ways to handle behavioural management issues that arise.

Sangha Vandana

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