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Should medical fees be determined by market forces?

Provide more services by increasing the supply of doctors. Competition will keep a check on prices automatically. Also, post recommended prices of drugs and treatments online and let patients know what to expect.

Hoh Jin Wei

Medical care is a necessity and should be made affordable for everyone. People will suffer if it is left to market forces.

Sandeep Ssnk

It is morally wrong to base medical fees on market forces. One of these forces could be an epidemic, such as Sars. People will be dying and there will be more seeking medical help. Is it an opportunity for an increase in medical fees?

James Wang

This is not a simple question to answer. On the one hand, you have patients who are not always well-off needing treatment, while, on the other, doctors need to be adequately compensated, or they will simply stop providing their service.

Mark Ng

Should taxi drivers be expected to memorise routes as part of their training? Do you think this is necessary in the age of technology?

The major roads are easier to remember... but the nooks and crannies are the ones that will require the driver to think through before coming up with a suitable route. GPS is useful, but over reliance can lead to inflexibility.

Peter Simeon Khew

They should at least know the popular destinations. It is not safe for riders if drivers have to keep checking GPS while driving. GPS is also not accurate sometimes.

Lisa Loh

It takes an experienced driver to know the way... If they are new, it's always best to inform passengers beforehand and ask which way they would prefer to go.

Siti Nor'aini A S

A cabby is a professional driver, so I don't think it's wrong to expect him to know more routes (and more efficient ones) than a layperson.

Illyanna Vee

What skills and services can the elderly offer to enable them to earn an income?

Reserve some products for sale only by the elderly - kachang puteh, newspapers, selected bread, selected magazines and so on, and allow them to set up stalls with little or no rental. In this way, they can bring back life to our deserted pavements and void decks too.

Allan Tan

They can cook homecooked meals, and a delivery service can deliver their orders. I sure wouldn't mind ordering and eating homecooked meals.

Nick PT

This is plain silly. Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world. Can't these seniors be allowed to retire comfortably and with a choice to do what they like, such as picking up a hobby? Why must they still "offer their skills and services to earn an income"?

Winston Kang

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