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Would taxing the rich be counterproductive? Would it help or hurt social unity?

Taxing any income group too much is wrong... A fair tax system is important to motivate people to work hard and pay tax willingly. Not easy to do, but it is one of the skills any government that wants to govern well must master.

Loh Wai Poon

It is true that taxing the rich too much has its ramifications. But with a top tax rate of 22 per cent, we are not even close to the threshold. The top 1 per cent can definitely afford to pay up to 30 per cent to 35 per cent for any yearly income more than $1 million.

Chang Fong Chua

Tax people who can afford to buy luxurious high-end things like cars, condominiums and clothing. So, GST is the answer.

James Wang

The rich will be against raising taxes, the poor would want it. Either way, social unity is being challenged, unless you have a society that holds the same values to not blame individuals for being poor and to help people in need.

Wei Jun Khoe

Is gender equality better learnt in a co-ed or single-sex school?

Students are already artificially segregated in many ways - by age, intellectual ability or sport/artistic talent.

Schools are not intended to be a microcosm of society, but to enable academic subjects to be taught in the most efficient way... It is not as though children lack opportunities to socialise outside of school.

Umm Yusof

If managed well by the principal and teachers, interaction between genders in a co-ed school will lead to mutual respect and positive social grace. Single-sex schools tend to breed exclusiveness and, in some cases, superiority.

Harry Chia

Gender equality starts from the home and parents. No point changing school systems when parents are not good role models.

I came from a single-sex school, and learnt nothing about gender equality in school. I learnt about gender equality from my father and mother.

Grace Ho Lim

Should docking stations be created for shared bikes?

The nature of bike sharing is that bikes can be found anywhere in public places. Having docking stations will not solve the problem of illegal parking but will add to the operators' cost.

Users need to be educated to drop off the bikes where they do not cause an obstruction. People should also live and let live with this organised mess of bike sharing.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Is London's model of docking stations for shared bicycles feasible for Singapore? If not, have the Land Transport Authority paint sufficient yellow boxes for shared bike parking. Impose fines and bar users who leave bikes indiscriminately.

Robert Lim

Docking defeats the plan to have bikes anywhere and everywhere. A docking station may be too far from a planned route and this discourages bike sharing.

James Wang The way forward is to have a minimum deposit system for shared-bike companies to deduct for non-compliance. If the bikes are not docked properly, the rental charges will continue to be deducted.

Richard Lim

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