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Would it be helpful to Primary 6 pupils and their parents, when selecting secondary schools, to know the top PSLE scores for that year?

Yes, we should release the top scores. Best if it is in a table form, for example, how many scored more than 290, between 285 and 290, between 280 to 285, and so on.

Wan Yee Loh

My son said that if only the Secondary 1 information booklet was made available to him at the beginning of the year, he would have had a better idea of what to aim for... It is not a competition with everyone else. It would have been a target he could set for himself.

Maimoon Kadir

The present arrangement of not releasing top scores of schools is the right thing to do. We are now moving towards a skills-based learning and working environment. Grades should be secondary and should not be used to create segregation in students in choosing schools.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

At what age does one need to start facing the reality of where they stand in society relative to others? I'd say the earlier the better. It either spurs them forward or they need to start normalising to their position within society.

Benjamin Chia

Do you think Singapore universities should raise money for investment by issuing bonds? Is this a viable measure?

Issuing bonds may give universities easy access to capital (in the short run) but will increase the cost of operations (in the long run), as debt must be serviced with interest payments.

Faisal Shahid

Bad idea. Keep schools as schools and not for-profit businesses. Else, they will go down the bad path many United States colleges have. And they are in the lower ratings, on a whole, for decades now because of it.

Tony Serio

Local universities should be supported by alumni and private corporations apart from the government. I don't think it's a good idea for universities to issue bonds. Universities should focus on research and teaching, not dabbling in financial instruments.

Toon Sree Dahtoke Chow

No, the universities should be funded by the Government. We are a small country and a small cohort every year. Education is core to Singapore's survival. This expense should be justified.

Huiyi Liang-Leo

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