On Facebook

What are the dos and don'ts of responsible social media usage?

Do: Express opinions freely with civility and mutual respect for others.

Apply constructive criticism if we have to speak up for a cause.

Refrain from launching personal attacks, cyber bullying and witch-hunts.

Tae Hyun

Don't write anything against racial harmony and multiculturalism.

Don't slander. Don't be vulgar. Don't hurt the feelings of foreign workers here - put yourself in their shoes.

Sian Ein Teo

What can consumers do to better protect themselves from being duped?

We should be extra careful when dealers or shops advertise amazing deals.

Shop around before making a purchase and check with friends or check online on the reputation of shops or firms.

Also, spend some time reading through contracts or invoices before signing them.

Muhammad Dzul Azhan

Information asymmetry often happens when the seller knows more than the buyer...

There is a role for regulatory authorities in conducting independent checks; if malicious attempts to defraud consumers are discovered, heavy penalties should be meted out upon the offenders.

Jag Kuo

How can the youth of today be weaned from their mobile devices? Are adults to be blamed, too?

Why blame it on technology? Before smartphones came out, everyone ignored other people by reading books.

Jaslyn Lim

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