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Will drawing in foreign students and educational institutions to set up offshore campuses here benefit Singapore?

Education is big business. Our form of education is world famous. The students need lodging, food, shopping, services and that is money to us. They are guests and not a liability.

Loh Wai Poon

How about sending Singapore universities overseas to set up campuses instead? As a small country, what we need is expansion and not a more cramped city.

Benjamin Chia

This will just reduce spots for local students. You attract foreigners at the expense of locals. More locals will then study abroad.

Lynn Anzhelika

How many of these foreigners actually stayed to work out their contractual obligations? Then we'll know how it actually benefits Singapore.

Haziq Rosli

Do you think the Healthier Choice label is inadequate? How can it be improved?

My little one wanted a yogurt drink, her argument was that it had a "healthier choice" label. I took a closer look at the packaging. Every serving had 23.3g of sugar in it. I'm confused with this "healthier choice" label. Is it based on what's marketed on the packaging, or is it based on the nutrition information and ingredient list?

Christina Loh

It has become a marketing strategy. With the rise in diabetes and other illnesses, we need to educate consumers about what is healthy, not what is healthier. Sugared drinks are not healthy, even if they have 25 per cent less sugar.

Teng Tse Sheng

A good way to help people track their daily nutrition intake is to include the nutrition value by percentage of recommended daily intake. For example, if a drink has 12.5g of sugar, indicate something like 33 per cent of daily sugar intake.

Koh Tian Le

Do class sizes matter when it comes to effective teaching and learning? What other variables contribute to success in education?

The Education Ministry insists that class sizes make no difference, but the Gifted Education Programme kids enjoy far smaller classes than what the regular students have to put up with.

Umm Yusof

Principal and teachers must change their mindset. Very often good things are left for top-class students. Even when kids have potential in certain areas but because they are not from the top classes, the school does not recognise their effort and potential.

Lydia Yeo

With more special needs children attending mainstream schools, all the more we should have smaller classes... Some are not easy to handle and need extra individual attention. The size of class definitely will make a difference.

Siti Nor'aini A S

Find the unique talent in each child because they are all different. It would kill them slowly if the focus of education is only to get an A grade.

Ida Asfaro

Class size makes a difference because you're cramming too much in the syllabus every year per level. For the fast learner, that's fine. For the average or slower learner, there is insufficient time to internalise concepts, resulting in kids heading for tuition to clock extra hours to try to decipher what's going on.

Elaine Mae-lyn

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