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What can be done to discourage people from keeping exotic animals as pets?

Allow them to keep these pets with proper supervision and enforcement. Allow the option for the Zoo or Bird Park to take in these animals if owners flout or break any pre-set guidelines.

Reginald Ashton

Build mini zoos all around the island. Let children learn about them so they grow up better educated. How many children get a chance to go to the zoo? It's so far away.

Alan Chua

Throw them into a 1x1m cell without a fan and only a slither of an opening for air... with only a sip of water every four hours and no pee pads. Let them experience what an exotic animal suffers.

Christina Teh

No demand no supply, so go for the middlemen and other importers and hit them with heavy fines and jail sentences when caught. Train officers to spot such imports or, if possible, use sniffer dogs.

Harry Chia

Is it a good idea to have composters or food waste digesters in residential estates? How can households be more involved in food waste reduction?

The blue recycling bin at every HDB block has never been used in the right way since it was implemented.

Hence, I urge National Environment Agency (NEA) to buck up on the recycling bin issue before tackling another area in residential estates.

May Ong

There will always be people who will mess it up if such a programme is introduced. So better strategies are required. For instance, introduce a composting programme only to people who are interested. There are many people who are willing to do recycling or composting but it only takes a few to mess it up.

Koh Tian Le

Encourage household compost production by making it profitable to sell. For example, sell to NEA or National Parks Board.

At least by doing so it's not wasted.

Loo Xuen

Can a repair culture work in Singapore? How else can we reduce consumerism?

Realistically, companies are pushing for fresh sales rather than repairs.

One suggestion is to adopt a repair and trade-in culture with a longer warranty period to ensure parts are made to last longer.

Maryanne Low Ambrosio It would help if repair costs weren't 90 per cent the price of a new item. Perhaps some sort of tax incentive could also encourage manufacturers to repair spoilt items, instead of having their old products contribute to landfill waste just to sell new ones.

Theo De Roza

Start creating technologies that can last a life time to stop waste habits.

Alvin Ng Heng San

It's about cost ... some items' repair can be more than one-third the cost of purchase and there is no guarantee after the repair that it will be as good as new... Add to that the fact that most industries may have a small group of unscrupulous vendors that try to extract a certain fee even though a particular part isn't faulty.

Tsai Teck See

Valid point, but I don't think it is achievable. One reason is technology is moving too fast. Electronic devices get outdated in one to two years.

Allan Tan

To have a repair culture, set up shops in lower cost areas and support tradesmen who can do this. Ensure that they are supported through a well thought out eco system: workspace, vocation skills, and so on.

Ling Lim

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