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Do you think it is a hazard when residents leave items like furniture at common spaces, such as void decks and lift lobbies, for use by residents in the neighbourhood? Should the use of such spaces be more regulated?

This is the real "kampung spirit". The common space is there for the residents. If you want to regulate everything, then don't talk about "kampung living" or "kampung spirit".

Lim King Loong

It is up to the town council to decide whether the pieces of furniture are hazards.

Kaedama Yu

There could be abuse of the space when some residents decide to contribute furniture for their own exclusive use. There could also be illegal dumping of old furniture. It is better for the town council to purpose-build the communal space.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Let certain things grow naturally. Not everything needs engineering.

Mohamad Syahid Bin Arif

It will make the void decks ugly and full of clutter. Leave these void decks alone and get those who fill up the corridor outside their units to clear up first. If there is a fire, there is no way to escape.

Lai Yin Lee

A letter writer suggested having bicycle racks on buses, given the car-lite push. Is it a feasible idea?

Many take the bus to work; it's a mode of transport for many of us... of course, everyone is in a hurry especially during peak periods...

Siti Nor'aini A S

The loading and unloading of bicycles can cause delays in the bus schedule.

Winston Kang

Pro: Encouraging more to cycle. Con: Maintenance and installation costs.

Terry Lam

It is feasible only for small towns where buses are usually empty or with few passengers, but not in Singapore, where our buses are usually full.

Mei Mei

Would the public be supportive of having a national patient database?

It's the responsibility of the hospital system to keep patient information secure. The good thing about electronic medical records is that it improves patient safety. The patient's health record can be accessed by all specialities so care can be given more holistically and medicines can be prescribed more safely.

Hannah Goh

I'm more interested in what the doctors think. For all you know, doctors prefer their own investigations than trusting an old record.

Terrence Long

Data will be sold, leaked or stolen. Insurance companies will lobby for access to deny pay-outs.

Pita Smit

This should be opt-in and app-based. The proposed method is draconian and backward in so many ways.

Andy Wee

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