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Should there be a law mandating that cyclists and PMD users wear helmets? How can a culture of safety be inculcated?

I have seen PMD users ride at a good 40kmh to 50kmh on busy pavements, listening to music and ignoring what is around them. Should pedestrians wear helmets too?

Ow-yang Kaiming

The other thing that would be needed is education on how to wear a helmet properly. This is because an improperly worn helmet cannot protect its wearer, as designed, in a crash.

Theo De Roza

Actually, it is recommended but not a must. What does matter is for users to ride with care for others and themselves; education is the key.

Alex Chua

Why do we need to wait for a disaster? As the saying goes, "prevention is better than cure".

Singh Asokh

How do Singaporeans feel about Haw Par Villa? Should it be spiced up while retaining its cultural roots, or be redeveloped into something different?

Haw Par Villa should be retained, given its unique identity and mix of content. The Tiger Balm Gardens portion is the only remaining one, given that the one in Hong Kong was demolished.

Lionel Teng

We should preserve it. It showcases Chinese myths and legends on various topics like loyalty, piety, death and so much more. It holds historical value as a former residence built by a Singapore pioneer. It also has a history of entrepreneurship, (and an association with) a company with a strong brand that grows with Singapore.

Lai Heng Tan

Certain attractions in Singapore may have reached the end of their lifespan, and no amount of sprucing up or rejuvenation is going to bring back the locals or tourists to visit the places.

Haw Par Villa had gone through rejuvenation twice and still faced poor attendances.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

Make it a museum introducing the afterlife. Collaborate with cemeteries and columbaria. Allow people to understand more about the afterlife so that they can appreciate their current lives more and make use of the remaining time to do more meaningful tasks.

Cynthia Ommanipadmehum

Do Singaporeans have a positive attitude towards wildlife here? What more can be done to ensure a harmonious human-wildlife coexistence?

Many feed wildlife thinking that they are sowing rewards for their afterlife, resulting in the animals losing their fear of human beings which then leads to unwarranted contact. If the wildlife is left on its own, it has a better chance of survival.

Eveline Lee

The Government must lead the way in urban planning and preserve nature reserves for wildlife to thrive.

Princess Moe

Education is needed also to stop those in power from destroying the habitat of wildlife to the point where the animals have nowhere to go but to join humans in their habitat.

Allan Tan

We have a positive attitude towards wildlife but not animals that are known to prey on human beings, like crocodiles that infest recreational waters and neighbourhood canals.

Simon Panzer

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