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Why do some workers not have pride in their work?

How can this be instilled? Isn't it the employees' job to do their work well? Why do we need to reward them further? I would just replace them.

Papiya Tan

Give them respect, status, good pay and advancement.

Clifford Chan

No need. Just need to punish and threaten them.

Richard Tan

It is all about an individual's work attitude. I have found that many tend to be very calculating when it comes to work and responsibility.

Jason Tan

People who find meaning in their jobs will take pride in their work. When they feel that they don't make a difference at work, that's when the problem starts. My advice is to try to find meaning in your job. If you don't in your current job, you may wish to try something else more meaningful.

Mark Matthew Njo

It all starts with those in authority. Give your workers a reason to care and they will. Treat them with respect, be encouraging and recognise their efforts. The key to a successful business is a satisfied worker.

Dean Dewey

Doing good work means more work!

Chris Ong

Should organisations and schools be roped in to provide more rental plots for gardening?

This is great. Collect a nominal rental fee and let people grow their veggies, herbs and plants. Just don't do it on a rooftop... it may not be able to sustain the weight.

Ling Li

Schools and such organisations already have volunteer gardeners. Why make it rental?

Jeff Cym

Will encouraging university and polytechnic students to cycle to and within campus help to inculcate the habit in them and curb car growth in the long run?

It could help to not only inculcate the habit, but also to encourage friendlier road-sharing behaviour in their adult life. Especially if and when they drive and encounter cyclists on the road.

Theo De Roza

Make sure there are ample shower facilities in place as well.

Lai Chen

Unlikely, because driving in Singapore is like a status symbol, instead of just another transport system.

Marcus Shawn

It would be more like telling the students that you better get a good-paying job to get a car in future so you don't have to sweat so badly when you work.

Fu Kang

Cycle to poly without proper cycling lanes? Be prepared for lots more accidents.

Mirko Stoll

It would be more sane to inculcate a culture of taking public transport and walking. Singapore's weather is terrible for cycling - you will sweat profusely even after five minutes of intensive cardio activity, not counting the hilly terrain of NUS and NTU.

Besides, Singapore is a city with poor cycling infrastructure. Spend more time ensuring a good and reliable public transport system.

Benjamin Chia

Better have everyone insured. Because our roads, pavements... it's a jungle out there. Every time I ride my bike, I keep my fingers crossed and hope someone doesn't run me down or force me off the road.

Jeffrey Yeo

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