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Were star players what drew fans to football matches in the past? Would drumming up hype over our footballers now help to grow support for the S-League?

Publicising something that's highly valued attracts crowds. But publicising something that does not deliver attracts scorn... As it is presently, the Football Association of Singapore might spend a fortune attracting a huge heap of criticism.

Kevin Loh

Since when do people get promoted even before doing the job? Start winning first. Once you've achieved that, the hype comes naturally without you having to throw money at it.

Matthew Loh

Should education in Singapore be always seen as a means to a vocational outcome?

Besides economic objective(s), university education is also about equipping oneself to be able to think logically, morally and selflessly for the betterment of mankind.

Whether a university degree is intended to help one earn a living or to be a better person, one needs to be balanced. Both are important and should be pursued to varying degrees.

Andrew Goh

Educated does not means intelligent. Intelligence is not borne out of education. If I get a degree in fine arts, would I be a good officer in the Army? So what exactly does education teach when most things are learnt on the job?

Wan van Rose

To put it another way, the system is a training system and not an education system. We are trained and not educated.

Pat Eng

Is NS Square, formerly known as Float@Marina Bay, a name that is reflective of its multi-purpose use and meaningful to both Singaporeans and tourists?

NS Square is a good name. A monument to the sacrifice made by thousands of Singaporeans each year immortalised in the heart of our nation.

Chris Jack

And make Singapore sound like a communist country? Keep it to Float@Marina Bay please. It at least sounds nicer when we explain it to our foreign friends.

Leonard Koh

No need to change the name. Name change still have to change road signs, which wastes taxpayers' money. It is also militarisation of a civilian structure; did the people really support the name change?... Honour NS with an added positive societal norm and improve overall NS culture for the society, not just a mere name change.

Jeff Leong

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