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Should cars with low annual mileage be subject to higher taxes? Would this discourage ownership and "hogging" of COEs?

We should not feel compelled to use our cars as we have paid upfront for the high cost of ownership (because of the hefty COE prices).

Soon Hie Tan

It is high usage of cars that causes traffic congestion. Hence, cars with low average annual mileage should be rewarded with lower tax instead.

Sau Yee Fong

Low average annual mileage means you use your car only when needed but that does not translate to "no need for car".

Harry Chia

I think priority is to be given to families with little ones, maybe until they are aged 12.

Tay Denver

Just reduce the number of carparks by 70 per cent.

Taufik Hidayat

Are ramps at overhead bridges underused? Do you agree that lifts are the way to go?

Lifts are very welcome. However, young people who should be taking the stairs tend to use them the most as it saves them the exercise and time. Downside is... we would need to use more electricity.

Margaret Pringle

Some ramps are too long... a lift is best - saves time.

Francis Lim

Besides not being easy for those in wheelchairs, a ramp's footprint (land required) is significantly more than a passenger lift's.

Sp Fairley

Each serves its purpose. Capacity of lift is limited; ramp is good alternative to stairs. Why do we need to make them mutually exclusive?

Lp Tan

Ideally, you should have both. Otherwise, what would the elderly... use when the lift is out of order?

Gabe Chong

It doesn't matter. People too lazy to walk the extra 20m are still going to try their luck jaywalking.

Liu INan

Should schools teach all students how to speak Malay? What are the pros and cons of this?

We are in a Malay region and it is simply logical that we can speak some Malay. I really envy those Chinese Malaysians who can speak English, Mandarin and Malay.

Chia Choong Kiat

It would be great if all Singaporeans could speak Malay. It would help connect and unite Singaporeans even more.

Yiming Cai

As Malay is our national language, every Singaporean should learn it.

Janet H T Ng-Lim

Question is not whether it is good - it is - but what other classes will have to cut hours to accommodate this. If it just adds to the already heavy load of schoolwork, it will be pointless.

Ian Tang

What use is it in terms of business or work? It is a lovely language but has no relevance in study for the real world.

Neil Bailey

Being trilingual is perfectly fine. Just as long as we are very clear what the medium of instruction, trade is... and we fit the languages into the global economy.

Nick Lai Weixuan

I learnt Malay in Secondary 1 and 2 as a non-examination subject... Must say it has benefited me quite a bit, especially when... in Malaysia. I feel quite proud when I tell my overseas friends that Malay is Singapore's national language.

Jack Wong

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