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Do you share your religious experiences with friends of other faiths? Should this be encouraged?

I do. Good things are for sharing. People need to recognise that when someone is exploring religion, he or she may be troubled by some issues in life... So it's necessary to share about our religion if someone is keen to discuss it.

Linda Cheong

I believe that inter-religious conversation and idea sharing should be done only if both parties are willing to sit down and listen and talk like adults. I frown on evangelism of any sort. This disrespects the other person. Share your idea only when another person asks you to.

Asy'ari Asni

This is a tough one - when you think you are sharing but your friends think that you are "converting" them, and for the harsher crowd, they think that we are too caught up and are brainwashed by the religion... As long as the act is done in love, I do not see anything wrong with it.

Lawrence Siow

The problem will always be that the religious are not interested to have the non-religious point out the loopholes in their ideology. How to have intelligent discourse when debating the subject matter is already frowned upon by the believers?

Joei Sim

I don't care to, and neither do they. Don't see a reason to. You can be friends without bringing religion into it.

Mark Ng

Would the apprenticeship system better prepare undergrads in this disruptive world?

Apprenticeships could work and be useful, especially to find out what other skills or ideas they can combine to form a new one. It will also add to real world experience, help them build their network for when they graduate, and help them determine the industry or speciality they want to be in.

Theo De Roza

Developing skills for the future and networking make students feel more confident about their future careers.

Undergraduate students often delay preparing for their careers until it is too late... It is really important to set career goals as early as possible.

Sangha Vandana

What would encourage Singaporeans to take vaccination seriously?

If the Government can rule with an iron fist regarding drugs, I'm sure they can do the same with vaccination... Like technology, just have frequent compulsory vaccination updates from the Government.

Jeremy Lim

Free vaccine. Who would go if they must pay? And it is not cheap or one-off; you need to do it several times... Given the unstable economy and job insecurity here, a dollar spent is a dollar gone.

See Dick San

A sense of danger. If a few people die locally then everyone will be rushing to get vaccinated regardless of the price or inconvenience.

Robbin Poh

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