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Does standing up to bullies actually work?What are someways to handle bullies?

As someone who had to overcome self-esteem issues and eventually fought back against bullies in school, I think parents have the biggest part to play in this.

Not teachers. Not shrinks.

If parents do not instil confidence in their children, that is what opens the door for bullying to have severe effects on their psyches.

- Dare Chia

We need to look into why bullies bully, and help them cope with their emotions as well as provide help for their victims...

Normal people do not cruelly torment others if they are at peace and happy themselves.

Punishment for bullies alone is not enough because they may need help themselves. -

Clara Lim Mei Xing

Is it time for property cooling measures to be lifted? Why or why not?

Property curbs should not be lifted, even though we are anticipating the next financial meltdown in the next six months. Simply put, the younger generation might be priced out of the market in a bid to satisfy the wants of large conglomerates and developers.

- Nicole Tan

Yes, it's time to liftsome of the curbs as domestic buyers need to come into the market in order to support property prices. If property prices go down, then it means that Singaporeans' assets will shrink.

- Julianna Cher

Besides remuneration, what other ways can companies instil dedication and loyalty in employees?

The business of business is business, not social welfare. The only duty a business has is to its stakeholders.

- Carlos Bott

As many employees have different needs and priorities in life, it is important that employers make them''feel accepted'' in the company... There is a saying, ''Employeesdo not leave their jobs, they leave their managers''.

- Randy Goh

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