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Should young children in Singapore engage in more everyday activities, such as walking and climbing, to improve their health?

Children love to play games so it is imperative that schools provide the equipment for them, so they can engage in sports/games such as floorball, soccer, badminton and skipping. We must never "force" them to run round the field or torture them by treating them as army recruits, as this will cause them to hate sports and games when they grow up.

Puibao Bao Well, guess what? In my child's school, the playground is often closed to the students during recess. The next generation won't just be strawberries - they will be mushy strawberries.

Li Ling Most children already walk to their school and climb stairs in school. Obesity is due to a sedentary lifestyle rather than a lack of exercise.

Wong Chong Yin

Healthy habits start at home... If your children see you eating your vegetables, being active and limiting your TV time, there is a good chance that they will do the same.

Sangha Vandana

Should countdown timers be installed at traffic light junctions? Will this help to improve road safety?

Other countries have been using this for years.

PY Wong

Yes, definitely! It is always a guessing game when approaching traffic junctions - to accelerate or not.

Susan Lee

Motorists will just be speeding up more and no longer lowering their speed as they approach a junction.

Haziq Rosli

Attention will be diverted to the countdown timer instead of the road conditions around them.

Siah Jin Kim

To prevent motorists from speeding, install speed cameras at junctions, together with the timers.

Fadhli Jaffar

The Land Transport Authority should construct the road surface with a different material, about 20m before the traffic junction, as a signal for motorists to slow down while approaching the junction.

Chua Kim

Why do teens stay out late at night? How can youngsters balance their desire for freedom with their family's concerns?

I found it oppressive to be at home when in my teens, with my curfew and limited opportunities to go out with my friends. If I had the money, I would have gone out more too.

Jiemin Xie

Sometimes, it isn't so much the hanging out late that parents worry about, it is the company the kids are with.

So be open and get to know their friends well.

Ben Koh It's a growing-up phase. All of us go through this. Parents themselves had the same habits, too, when younger.

So long as the family bonding is strong, kids will tell parents where they are, what time they will be back...

Parents, on the other hand, have to be a little flexible. It is just like flying a kite: Hold it too tight and the string will snap.

Sheila Shanmugam

I used to stay out late, too, but never got into trouble. So why is staying out late highlighted as an issue? It's the attitude of kids, generally, that matters.

Angie Lim

Talk about freedom when they are able enough to live on their own, without their parents supporting them.

Andy Goh

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