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Can more be done to prevent vehicle fires? Should it be compulsory to install fire suppression systems in vehicles?

It is not as straightforward as opening the car bonnet and extinguishing the fire. If there is an engine fire brewing underneath, the bonnet may be hot. You will not know if the fire will get bigger when you lift up the bonnet since more air is introduced into the engine compartment.

Cheah Kok Keong

Singapore should have all vehicles maintained to manufacturers' specification by correctly trained personnel.

Steve Bailey

Can't inspection centres like Vicom incorporate this test when cars are sent for inspection ? Car distributors could also do the same for new cars.

Harry Chia

The root causes of all vehicle fires should be published so people are more informed about what ought to be done and not done to their cars.

Andie Lim

Do you agree that the lack of Internet access hinders senior citizens on the path of digital literacy? How can we encourage seniors to be more tech savvy?

Illiteracy is the main obstacle for senior people aged 80 and above. Few of them had formal education.

James Wang

Your parents grew up without Google and the Internet with no problems. Just because the Internet was born does not mean that everyone must learn about it. Just because everyone owns a mobile phone, must you also join the crowd?

Peter Tan

All the community centres must have Silver Infocomm Junctions (SIJ) to enable senior citizens to access the Internet. With SIJ set up, senior citizens can get one hour of free IT time every day there. We can also set up training programmes for them. There is a wide network of CCs so the elderly can get to one easily.

Loh Wai Poon

Work on something simple and practical that they can use. For instance, show them how to use WhatsApp and then get them to set up a chat group and use key features like photo taking, voice message and connecting to Wi-Fi.

Koh Tian Le

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