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Are pedestrians being too careless when they cross the road? What can be done to reduce the rate of accidents involving pedestrians?

Stop the victim blaming. The Land Transport Authority needs to study state-of-the-art intersection designs and fix our designs, which don't seem to have been updated since independence.

Pita Smit

Every road user plays a part in road safety.

Don't keep behaving and acting in a selfish and irresponsible manner. It is not just about "right of way" on public roads. That's incorrect and negative thinking which leads to unsafe behaviour. We should switch to a positive, safe mindset.

Stop blaming one another, and instead help and look out for fellow road users.

Ty Hao

Using mobile phones while driving is an offence.

Using mobile phones while walking on pedestrian crossings should also be penalised.

Robert Tan

It is impossible to stop pedestrians from jaywalking.

Every day, I see many old people jaywalking along Moulmein Road to Jalan Tan Tock Seng. Some even need walking sticks.

I get worried whenever I see them walking so slowly and even trying to stop the oncoming cars.

Wendy Tan

Motorists are the ones who should be on the lookout for pedestrians.

What would it cost the motorists to spare a few seconds to wait and allow pedestrians to finish crossing the road completely before proceeding to speed off?

I am senior in age and have spinal and orthopaedic problems that affect my mobility. I get really nervous using the traffic light crossings at busy intersections.

Hence, I would choose either to cross when there are other road users during peak hours - as there is safety in numbers - or else find another place to cross at, although it means making a detour.

Yes, I do watch out for myself as a pedestrian, but I need to be reassured that there are also responsible and considerate motorists. Every life matters.

Ruak Redniham

Should the public step in when they see instances of bullying in public spaces outside schools? How can such cases be reduced?

It is not a school issue. Education is the foundation of how you solve this problem.

Xu Wei Jie

We must make it painful for the bully and help the victims to stand up for themselves.

Chia Choong Kiat

The least one can do is call the police if someone's safety is at stake, after which take videos or snap some photos as evidence for the police. Finally, be a witness and be ready to testify.

Francis Liou

Educate children that it's not OK to belittle others just because they are different from you, or happen to disagree with your views. Be able to respect others' differences. The public should feel they can step in and stop abuse when they encounter it. Not doing anything is complicity.

Anna Harper

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