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Should single or unmarried parents be given the same level of state assistance, especially access to housing, as a traditional family nucleus? What more can be done to help them?

Denying the same level of state assistance just because they're a non-traditional family or single-parent family is harsh. Is this the way towards a more embracing society?

Sio Cristoff

Any assistance from the Government should be made available to single parents, not just in terms of finances or education for their children, but also emotional assistance.

Steven Goh Robo

Family assistance is for the benefit of the children, and all children deserve to be treated equally, regardless of their family.

Maria Manner

As long as they were legally married but became single, they should be treated equally. For unmarried single mothers, help can be given on a case-by-case basis.

Azman Mohamed

Policies have to be applied uniformly across the board, especially when Singapore plans policies to beef up the population... Giving benefits for exceptional cases makes the whole system unmanageable.

Perhaps, we can accord half the benefits of what is the norm to those who are single parents.

David Teo

I'm uncomfortable with giving such help to unwed mothers. They should be put through a process of counselling, means testing and, most importantly, eligibility in bringing up her child if she is too young and immature. We need to balance compassion and mentoring.

Francis Liou

Are high-tech or low-tech methods better in helping to solve the problem of indiscriminately parked shared bikes?

The root of the problem still lies with the users. Perhaps a "high-tech" method can be applied in a way that each report made penalises the last known user for leaving the bike parked so. To protect himself and contest any claims, the user can take a photo of the bike parked properly after use.

Theo De Roza

As long as a parked bike can be taken by anyone, anytime, out of the designated parking area, there is no way any user can be held responsible. The only way is still the traditional way of securing a bike to a permanent fixture.

Allan Tan

Would you choose to scatter your loved one's ashes in a garden? How can this practice be made more acceptable and meaningful?

Good idea. The souls will enjoy the peace in clean and green areas.

PK Ang

Perhaps we could send ashes to landfills on Semakau island after cremation. There is no need to keep ashes, as the living have no use for them. A person has departed and remembrance in the hearts and minds is enough for the living to move on.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

No, we should not do it at Botanic Gardens. Build a special park, so at least the park has areas for praying and rest.

Arissa Iman

South Korea and Taiwan already started this eco green burial or tree burial. Reserve a forest specifically for this "return to nature burial". It is good for land-scarce countries - it saves money, and saves the earth too.

Yanny Ree

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