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Will raising the minimum age for smoking help to curb the smoking problem here? Why or why not?

Where there is a will, there is a way. Youngsters are smart.

Shue Lin

Easy availability is not the root of the problem. We don't smoke because it is easy to. We smoke because that's either just what everyone does or because it's "cool" (from a young person's perspective).

Allison Thorson

You want to stop young people from smoking by raising the age limit? Come on, the young can easily get cigarettes from older people.

Rique Seah

The Government allows cigarettes to be sold, so this could be interpreted as suggesting that smoking is not so bad after all. Just ban them and forget about collecting taxes from cigarettes.

Lee Philip

Yes, ban smoking or raise the age higher to, say, 35, and impose steep penalties on those who breach the ban.

Chan Chiwen

What can be done to make workplaces more friendly for workers with mental illnesses and to fight the stigma of their condition?

Start with the basics. Remove mental illness-related questions on job application forms.

If a person is well enough to apply for a job, attend interviews and perform adequately, then such questions are counter-meritocratic.

Zain Kazmi

There ought to be more public education on mental illness. More awareness means less stigmatisation. Every person should be given a chance to function in society. It's just that some need more help than others.

Margaret Chong

It has been shown how ignorant some can be towards mental illness. Don't be too surprised to know that you're in fact surrounded by colleagues, family members or friends who may have mental health issues.

Lynn Flint-Sung

Should condos have fewer fences and more public amenities? What are the pros and cons of this?

I think part of the appeal of condos is the increased privacy and security, which means having a fenced perimeter and security officers. A condo would probably not sell well if it had no fences.

Theo De Roza

Why must private condos have public facilities? Who is going to maintain these public facilities?

Terence Lim

If the facilities are open to the public, this should also be reflected in the price of the condo.

Vincent Yap

It's okay to set up fewer fences, provided the privacy and security of residents are still maintained. However, those areas that are not totally fenced up can be used as public amenities, subject to the approval of the management corporation of the condo.

Harry Chia

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