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Is it a good idea to hold religious studies classes in schools to help students better understand the main religions?

It may benefit a portion of students who are neglected and wayward... During my teens, I was a rebel. Somehow, my circle led me to learn about various religions... It helped me develop that side of me. I am also more tolerant of different faiths now.

Marco Falco

It's a very bad idea in this era of heightened religious fervour. There will be many very uncomfortable issues and questions. Some parents will want a liberal slant whereas others, being more conservative, will not.

Syed Alwi Ahmad

I think one way to achieve this is to have talks during assembly about all the faiths here... Have a question and answer session where one can understand others better... Religion/culture experts could be invited to give talks.

Siti Nor'aini A S

Not for conversion but for knowledge and awareness - to create mutual respect and acceptance of others who are different.

Josephine Ng Sih Ying

Do you think a four-day school week would work?

It will not work unless the syllabus is cut. If not, the teachers will merely cram what is to be taught in five days into four. That could be even more stressful for the students.

Fong Sau Yee

Unless parents are given an extra day off, who is going to take care of the child? What family bonding? Spending the whole day in the day-care centre is as good as going to school.

Annie So

Four days a week is good, with Friday for students to catch up on lessons. Or they can use the time to do homework or for CCAs. Weekends will be quality time with family instead of doing homework and assignments.

Nazmi Mustafa

The additional day off does not necessarily have to be a Friday or Monday. Rather, it can be a mid-week break, which may serve to take the edge off students.

Rajkirren Rajendran

Better to scrap the PSLE altogether or revise the school syllabus to make it really "teach less learn more".

Qi Siang Ng


Should teachers also be considered victims of bullying in schools? How can teachers deal with difficult students?

Teachers have never been as powerless and victimised as they are now... Teachers may even find themselves losing their jobs because the management simply believes whatever lies the students spin... What kind of message are we sending when we allow educators to become cannon fodder?

Matt MQ

The authority has since been handed over to the children... Start with educating the parents. Collaboration between the parents and teachers will eliminate this bullying.

Fabian Hui

Teachers should be allowed to whack children reasonably. Bring public caning back... Corporal punishment is a good deterrent for children with ill discipline... Then you can think about sending the spoilt brat for counselling.

Mesh Lo Singh

It's hard to claim a person in authority can actually be bullied... The sheer fact that you're the teacher means you wield control over your classroom. Inability to deal with rebellion means you are either inept or fail to set boundaries, instil discipline or respect.

Terrie Tan

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