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Should fences be built along expressways that border nature reserves or forests? What can drivers do to avoid accidents when animals are on the road?

Building fences along the expressway? How long is the stretch? At what cost? Are the fences going to prevent the animals from appearing elsewhere? The primary issue lies with their population control.

Simon Panzer

No fences necessary. Put up signs along the road warning motorists of possible animal crossings and to reduce speed.

Harry Chia

How do you avoid an animal that appears suddenly when you are travelling at 80kmh? The better option is still to build a low barrier sufficient to deter them from crossing over.

Peter Tan

Should it be compulsory for all mobile phones to have FM capability and function as radios?

They should have FM. In case of any emergency, we are able to receive first-hand information on what to do. It is good for the elderly, as some of them are not very tech savvy, so the FM will help them to react faster. The FM must also be easy to access and it must be easy to change channels.

Tyler Siya

It would be more effective to send messages via SMS that do not ride on data plans. In emergencies, people need to get information fast and not have to tune in to radio broadcasts.

Wilkie Ong Keng Soon

All smartphones are actually equipped with FM capability. It should be mandated that all smartphones should have the FM capability activated before they are sold.

Meyer Tan

It will be useless, as most phones with built-in FM radio require users to plug in their headphones to act as an antenna. A cell broadcast messaging system like the one in Japan would be better.

Kang YC

All the civil defence broadcast towers can broadcast messages that cover 100 per cent of the island.

Arthur Ong Shouldn't all underground MRT stations and buildings be equipped with FM receivers and transmitters?

Jimmy Beany

Are parents today too lenient with their children? Will stricter parenting inculcate better habits in children?

I believe in freedom of choice for children. Parents should foster in their children a sense of self-will and independence, informative rather than punitive.

Self-empowerment is necessary for the child to embrace his identity and make decisions later in life.

Dan Tan

If parents eat vegetables and fruit in the presence of their children every day, the children will also eat them.

Mohammad Ammar Azhar

Parents today lack quality time with their children and, when they do have it, they want it to be stress-free and peaceful. Therefore, they choose not to be strict. For example, they let their children eat sponge cake for dinner because they want to spend the time before the children go to bed with no scolding, no harsh words and no raised voices.

Bar Boo

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