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Can more be done to stop extremism taking root here? What are more effective ways to curb it?

All Muslims' friends play an important role in this. Report any friends, relatives and family members who are radicalised... Other races can also do their part if they come across such people.

Edwaard Tan

We could determine the demographics of those most at risk of falling prey to extremism. Then, perhaps, ensure they are given enough work or other activities so they don't have time nor feel the need to even consider the allure of extremists. In other words, keep those at risk busy and fulfilled.

Theo De Roza

Muslims everywhere need to move away from the world's current crop of vocal preachers with their sham anger and literal interpretation of our texts.

Mustak Shaik It will never stop. Radicalisation or jihad existed long before ISIS or Al-Qaeda. It probably will outlive these terror groups which believe they are furthering their religious cause.

Thiru SC

I wish Singapore would treat terrorists, sympathisers and those who preach terror as harshly as drug traffickers are treated.

Ryan Cooper

Atheism is perhaps the most effective way to counter terrorism. Religions breed terrorists through devious teachings by bad religious leaders. An atheist will not listen to sweet talk, sermons and propaganda of any religion.

James Wang

Should PSLE pupils affected by train delays be allowed to take their exam another day so they can be at their optimal best?

Yes, absolutely. Being caught in an unexpected train delay is a rude shock and... would have certainly disturbed their already stressed beings - how to fully concentrate and give their optimum best under such stressful conditions?

Josephine Ng Sih Ying

If too many pupils are affected by the train delay, then the school should consider postponing the exam to another date or day, or even by a few hours, giving the pupils time to recoup, rest and revise.

Peter Tan

We can always cater another day for the PSLE but we can't predict when the train will break down again... Maybe that other day, it breaks down again.

Malcom Ong

Life is full of uncertainties. In the real world, second chances may not come by. When the situation is less than ideal, due to unforeseen circumstances, you have to make the best of the situation... Having the resilience to perform under suboptimal conditions is part of the entire education process.

Au Kah Kay

A possible suggestion is to get pupils to register at a nearby school of their choice (first come first served, based on distance) to take any national exam. This would avoid any possible travelling.

Jazzman Fendi

MRT stations should have a copy of the PSLE paper and a room to let pupils take their exam. Mentally prepare them to ensure that if there's a breakdown, they will not be affected mentally.

Kuek Ming Feng

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